Fluoroscent Film

Production Design

About Us

FF is one stop solution, Mumbai Based Production House which helps to produce any idea to picture

Who Are We

FF is the Fusion at the Hype of Creative and Production. A unique collaborative brain child of young Artist Sachin Kamble who have served Agency and Client well. Since the turn of century.


We have a team of proven. Most of us have been together for over 15 year, working side by side independently in their segments, and together in many as well. So we have come rely and count on each other

Our Vision

To get a new vision at every attempt by giving the freedom to our Creative & Talents for Creating Art.  Also to fulfil Great ideas by getting the range of creative and technical resources on board by meeting the deadline. Within the given or Affordable Budget


We provide the physical basis for work in the realms of the performing art. We function with the high tech Advance Equipment’s, Infrastructure and Of course with the team of Good People

We Serve

Location Scouting onshore / offshore , Providing Proper Shooting Permits for on Location Shooting ( Onshore / Offshore ), Production Design, Budgeting From Few Thousand to Many Corers, Providing Talents, We intercommunicate with labs and post facilities to make sure you get the right service , at the right budget, We support international producers and production companies when shooting in India