Founder partner, executive producer and a master juggler. Sachin is the backbone of Fluoroscentfilm. he runs the company. Manages the people. Balances work ethics with productivity.

He reciprocates to the advertising industries surprises with calm perspective. Giving voice to the production scenario in India.

He brings to the equation a deep spiritual angle, meticulous process and a hardworking nature. He started his career with music videos and then spent a large amount of time working with top ad film directors in the country. In his current role, he is happy to help young directors find their place in the sun.

Here’s what we’ve made.

Our professional video editors have powerful multimedia storytelling skills, and will attack your project efficiently, methodically and with a keen eye for detail. No matter where the footage leads, they have the smarts to troubleshoot challenges – and the latest, top technology – to get the project where it needs to go.
Count on your team at Fluoroscent Photo and Video to coordinate workflow with your team, and provide updates and progress reports as needed. So whether we’re in it from the beginning, or you’re handing us a box of clutter, we’ve got the video editing chops to polish your project to a high shine, and ensure that your narrative flows from beginning to the end.
We begin with a clear vision and take aim at your target. Through careful story-telling, varying styles and tones, and subtle messaging, our content strategists conceptually handcraft the compelling visual media stories you need to tell with content that hits the bull’s-eye, every time.
Trust us to expertly execute branded video content that drives sales through the funnel for your business. You’ll be glad you did. We don’t have to have shot the footage to make it magical – we can take your random footage and turn it into a compelling, widget-moving story.