• The purpose of our films varies from client to client, as does the platforms they are shared on. As such, we not only produce the film content but we also advise our clients on how best to utilize them through a planned and effective video strategy. From planning to delivery, we make sure we’re on-hand throughout the process to make the best of the campaign.
  • We work with you to plan and develop your strategy, We host and distribute your videos, We measure the results and provide detailed feedback.



Creative Direction

  • Whether we’re working directly with our clients to develop the creative route of a project or collaborating closely with marketing and branding agencies, we strive to get the best ideas in front of our clients. Led by our bright and passionate creative producers, we guide our clients along the creative process by developing concepts, scripts and storyboards to meet, and exceed, their expectations.

Script Development

  • What’s in a word? Well, quite a lot actually! That’s why we employ talented copywriters who can beautifully and accurately portray what you want to say in your film. Whether it is with a joke, a piece of prose or snappy marketing messages, we can write engaging scripts for any purpose.

Story Boarding

  • This is the first stage in the pre-production pipeline where you can really get a feel for what your film is going to look like. As such, we employ storyboard artists who can fully visualize our concepts and map out the structure of the film.


  • Pre-visualizations are similar to animations but incorporate wire frame visual effects and CGIs to the animated storyboard. This process confirms shots, camera angles and timings to ensure the production process is as smooth as possible, while also giving our clients a more comprehensive idea of what to expect in the final film.


  • Animatics take story boarding to the next phase of visualization. They allow our animators and directors to iron out screenplay, camera positioning, shot lists and timing issues that may occur from the initial storyboard.



Live Action Filming

  • Whether you want a simple face-to-camera piece or a multi-location, multi-camera production, we can fulfill and surpass all of your live action filming requirements. As one a leading corporate video production company, we are experienced in delivering stunning film content across a wide variety of genres, languages and channels.

Green Screen Specialists

  • With an impressive portfolio of CGI-led productions, our CGI supervisors and experienced directors are fully adept at working together within the green screen studio environment to create the highest quality green screen shoots for your production.

Aerial Photography

  • Hugely experienced with all types of helicopter filming, our cameramen are adept at capturing stunning footage from the air and have created an extensive library of HD cityscape and landscape footage from around the world.

Drone Filming

  • Drone filming is an increasingly popular method for capturing small-scale aerial footage of buildings, urban environments and landscapes. With our own drone, camera equipment and trained operators, we can shoot the best footage for your project.

Underwater Filming

  • The inclusion of underwater sequences can add a cinematic edge to your film production. Luckily, we employ camera operators who are specially trained to capture these breathtaking sequences for any genre or style.



Our in-house studio offers a full range of film post production services, including editing, compositing, sound design and color grading. Overseen by our production team, we are diligent in producing only the very best work.


  • Our editor’s work closely with directors and producers to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief. Our own in-house editing facilities mean we can deliver film in any format or resolution and work to tight deadlines.


  • Primarily using The Foundry’s Nuke and Adobe after Effects, compositing is where all the individual elements come together to produce the final, beautiful image.

Video Encoding

  • Delivering the final film in the right format and resolution is a vital part of any post production process. That’s why we guarantee the final version is delivered for the desired usage and platforms.

Color Grading

  • Achieving the right color contrast makes all the difference to the final film, which is why we focus on perfectly enhancing or adjusting the colors and tones to produce broadcast standard films.


  • Finding the right soundtrack for a film can be one of the most challenging tasks in film production. We’ve built an extensive list of composers in the UK and abroad, as well as an extensive music library, so that we can deliver quality compositions that compliment each production.

Sound Design

  • Sourcing and creating the right sounds for your film is an essential part of any production. That’s why we Endeavor to design incredible audio accompaniments for all of our films.